Parent Resources Guide

Which volume of Sing Your Way Through Phonics
is most suitable for my child?

Sing Your Way Through Phonics CDs and Mini-Charts provide a host of phonemic awareness activities for parents who wish to help their students progress in reading and writing. To help parents decide where to begin, we’ve developed an assessment checklist that indicates the volume number and song that can serve as a starting point for helping your child become a skilled reader and writer. Read through the following list of skills. When you reach an item where your answer is “no” or “sometimes,” we suggest you begin working with that volume and phonics song. Visit our how parents use our products and lesson plan pages for additional guidance about teaching the phonics concepts. To get the most out of Sing Your Way Through Phonics CDs, students need a visual link to the printed word. We strongly recommend using our coordinated Mini-Charts to provide the critical visual link to print.

Note: The symbol / / means “the sound of” the letter between the two slashes.
Example: /b/ = the sound we pronounce at the beginning of the words boy and ball.

Key: Y=Yes  N=No  S=Sometimes

Does my child...







recognize rhyming words in songs and poems? bear, wear, hair, care
goose, loose, moose, juice
      Ready to Read Rhyme in Time
recognize words that begin with the same sounds? Peter Piper picked a peck of prickly pickled peppers.       Ready to Read Tongue Tangle
discriminate among same and different beginning sounds? book, dog, baby
girl, grass, tree, goat
      Ready to Read Words in My Pocket
segment words between onset and rime? blend onset and rime into words? c-at cat b-at bat
r-ing ring k-ing king
      Ready to Read Guess What I Am Hiding
match letters and sounds for word beginnings? boy, ball=Bb dog, dish=Dd
jelly, jam=Jj kitten, kite=Kk
      Ready to Read Who Knows the Letter?
recognize and print capital letters? A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z       Vol. 1 Alphabet Letters
recognize and print lower-case letters that look different from capitals? a b d e f g h l m n q r t       Vol. 1 Little Partners
pronounce the right sound when viewing the consonant letters?
b c d f g h j k l m n p q r s t v w z
B or b is pronounced /b/
F or f is pronounced /f/
      Vol. 1 What’s That Sound?
spell the beginning consonant letter when hearing words? boy begins with letter b or B
fish begins with letter f or F
      Vol. 1 What’s That Sound?
know which letters are vowels? A-a E-e I-i O-o U-u and sometimes Y-y       Vol. 1 Name That Vowel
recognize and pronounce the short vowel sounds? /a/ in cat, /e/ in get, /i/ in big
/o/ as hot, /u/ as bug
      Vol. 1 Oh, Do You Know?
recognize and pronounce the long vowel sounds? /a/ in cake, /e/ in deer, /i/ in bike
/o/ in boat, /u/ in rule
      Vol. 1 Oh, Do You Know?
read and spell short vowel rhyming word families? cat-rat-sat, get-let-set,
dog-jog-log, bug-dug-rug
      Vol. 1 Spelling Families
pronounce the consonant digraph sound when viewing the letters?
sh th ch kn gn ph, ck, wr
(infrequently, mb, mn, lf)
Th or th is pronounced /th/ in think
Ch or ch is pronounced /ch/ in chop
mb is pronounced /m/ in lamb
lf is pronounced /f/ in calf
      Vol. 1 Two Little Letters
spell the consonant digraph letters when thinking of a word? /th/ is spelled t-h in they, both, mother
/ch/ is spelled c-h in chick, reach, teacher
      Vol. 1 Two Little Letters
pronounce the beginning consonant blend when viewing the letters?
 cl, cr, dr, fr, fl, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc, scr, sk, sl, st, str, sp, spl, spr, st, str, squ, sw, tr, tw
Cl or cl is pronounced /cl/ in class
Tw or tw is pronounced /tw/ in twin
Str or str is pronounced
/str/ in strap
      Vol. 1 Two Little Letters
pronounce the ending consonant blend when viewing the letters?
ct, ft, lf, lk, lt, lm, nd, ng, nt, pt, rd, rf, rn, rm, rt, sk, sp, st, rst, nst, wn
ct is pronounced /ct/ in act
nt is pronounced /nt/ in ant
rst is pronounced /rst/ in first
      Vol. 1 Two Little Letters
spell the consonant blend letters when thinking of a word? clip begins with letters c-l
spot begins with letters s-p
ring ends with letters n-g
      Vol. 1 Two Little Letters
read one-syllable words with two adjacent vowels (regular spellings)
ai, ea, ee, ie, oa, ue
rain, beat, feet, pie, coat, clue       Vol. 1 Talking and Walking
read one-syllable words with a vowel and a final e bake, Pete, ride, note, huge       Vol. 1 Silent E
read one-syllable words with irregular spellings bread, thread, spread
fold, hold, gold, find, mind
caught, taught
      Vol. 1 Outlaws
think of several ways to spell each long vowel sound long a: bake, pain, say
long e: beat, feet, many, me
long i: ice, tie, by, high
long o: boat, no, home, slow
long u: use, new, zoo, blue
      Vol. 2 Spelling Choices
read and spell words containing the letters c-e, c-i, and c-y cent, peace, spice, fence
, Cindy, circle
, Nancy
      Vol. 2 Soft C
read and spell words with r-controlled vowels car, bar, far
her, sir, fur, dollar, actor
for, door, court, oar
bear, care, where, wear, chair
      Vol. 2 Bossy R
read and spell words with the sounds:
/u/ as in put and look
/oo/ as in cool and new
/aw/ as in law, auto, and all
book, good, push
, grew
, autumn, ball
      Vol. 2 Cool Vowels
read and spell words with vowel diphthongs:
o-i, o-y, o-w, o-u
boil, boy
how, shout
      Vol. 2 The Right Diphthong
recognize the number of syllables in words dog, chicken, butterfly, alligator, hippopotamus       Vol. 2 Syllables
read and spell words in which the final consonant is doubled before adding suffixes batting, runner
bigger, biggest
      Vol. 2 Better Double That Letter
read and spell words which follow the i-e and e-i rule believe, friend
neighbor, eight
ceiling, receive
      Vol. 2 I Before E
form many types of contractions didn’t, isn’t, aren’t
don’t, won’t
we’d, she’ll, I’m
      Vol. 2 Contraction Action
form plurals and third person verbs from root words ending in s, f, x, sh, ch, and z buses, leaves, foxes, bushes, lunches, buzzes       Vol. 2 More Than One
read and spell common w-h words which, what, who, whose, whom, why, where, when       Vol. 3 Who Knows?
form singular and plural possessives using apostrophe-s or s-apostrophe boy’s jackets, boys’ jackets
children’s book, firemen’s truc
      Vol. 3 Belongings
read and spell words with letters c-h that sound like /k/ Christmas, school, chorus
archeology, bronchitis
      Vol. 3 There Is No K in Christmas
read and spell words in which the letter s has alternate pronunciations sugar, rose, measure, Russia       Vol. 3 When S is Sweet as Sugar
read and spell words in which the letter y is replaced with the letter i before adding suffixes baby/babies
      Vol. 3 Why Does Y?
read, spell, and understand meanings of common prefixes and suffixes bi=two (bicycle)
pre=done in advance (preview)
ful=full of this (wonderful)
      Vol. 3 Hats and Bootsw11
read, spell, and understand the meanings of common homonyms their, there, they’re
through, threw
      Vol. 3 Same But Different
read and spell words in which the final e is dropped before adding i-n-g face, facing
, moving
      Vol. 3 Drop It!
spell one-vowel words in which final consonants are doubled or accompanied by a partner letter block, stuff, pill, class       Vol. 3 Lonely Consonants
read and spell words with alternate spellings for the suffix /shun/ fraction, extension, magician, mission, mansion       Vol. 3 Extension Tension