Alphabet Letters Song Lyrics
Original Melody by M. Gifford

These song lyrics are included in the Volume 1 Combo

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1. A is like a teepee.
Up and down—it’s easy.
B is half a butterfly,
With wings one-two.
Letter C is like an ear.
Follow it around to here.
Break a cookie and you’ll see
You are holding letter D.
4. M is like two mountain tops.
Up-down-up-and-down it plops.
N goes bouncing up-down-up.
It can’t sit still.
Letter O is like a hole.
P’ s a flag that’s on a pole.
Q’s an O that holds a stick.
R has legs to run real quick.

2. E’s a comb that has three teeth,
Two above and one beneath.
Letter F has teeth like E,
But just one-two.
Letter G is like a C,
Holding up a stick for me.
Letter H is like a ladder,
But with just one step..
5. S is like a snake and
T is like a rake and
U and V are noses that are
Fat and thin.
W is like the letter
M that’s standing on its header.
X goes criss and cross, you see.
Y’s a stick that holds a V.

3. I is straight and simple—
Doesn’t have a wrinkle.
Letter J is like an I,
But with a little tail.
K is dancing all around—
Two arms up and two legs down.
Letter L is like a chair that’s
Sitting on the ground.

6. Letter Z goes zig-zag-zig
And I’m feeling mighty big
Now that I can sing and say my
A B C’s.