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Action Factor, Inc. presents the workshop for teachers and parents…

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Rap, Clap, and Sing!

Phonics Activities with Zing!

Presenter: Dr. Myrna R. Gifford

Workshop overview: Tired of “same-old, same-old” phonics drill? Spice up your literacy program with motivational songs, games, raps, and movement, and just watch what happens to enthusiasm and memory!  This workshop familiarizes participants with Sing Your Way Through Phonics, a series of musical learning experiences for primary grade students, as well as a wide variety of lively activities that take the tedium out of phonics practice.  Reinforcing phonics skills through music and movement has proven to be an especially effective strategy for at-risk students who may experience difficulties with traditional methods of instruction. 

Objectives of the presentation: Participants will deepen their understandings of:

  • how phonics ability develops, from phonemic awareness to word roots and affixes;
  • how to introduce, present, and reinforce vital phonics concepts through playful and captivating activities,
  • how to encourage students to use phonics strategically in reading and writing.

Participants will receive a packet of ready-to-use activities that can be adapted to individual needs and curricula.  All musical selections used in the workshop are available for purchase on compact disk.

Format of the presentation: Workshop with audience participation. This is an interactive workshop where participants get to “try out” songs, games, and activities before introducing them to students. In full-day workshops, participants create make-and-take activities suitable for individual tutoring, large and small group instruction, and classroom learning centers.

Target age group: Kindergarten and Primary Grades

The target audience: Classroom teachers, music teachers and administrators interested in improving the quality and effectiveness of their early childhood programs through the integration of phonics

Brief summary of content: Observing young students at play, we notice how often they use chants, rhythmic movement, and song.  Teachers can capitalize on these natural tendencies to help students recognize and remember important phonic principles necessary for reading independence.  When students practice this way, they do not even realize that they are learning, yet we see them ”re-living“ songs and chants as they transfer phonic knowledge to real reading and writing tasks.  Active participation in the workshop will prepare teachers to guide young students through enjoyable phonics activities dealing with letter recognition, short and long vowel patterns, diphthongs, digraphs, sound-and-blend, and word families.

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