• Sing Your Way Through Phonics Volume 1 Combo
Volume 1 Combo combines the following components:
  • Volume 1 CD (available in teacher's voice and children's voices)
  • Teaching Suggestions Booklet
  • Mini-Chart Booklet
  • Song Lyrics Booklet

Volume 1 Combo introduces rudimentary phonics concepts needed for early reading and writing independence. Important words and letter patterns from each Sing Your Way Through Phonics song are displayed on 8.5"x11" Mini-Charts, providing visual reinforcement of phonics concepts. Reproducible Song Lyrics are provided in 8.5"x11" booklet form. The Teaching Suggestions booklet provides useful techniques for introducing, practicing, and reinforcing letter recognition, letter/sound correspondence, and the most basic phonics rules. The Scope and Sequence of Volume 1 are as follows:

  • Capital Letters
  • Lower-Case Letters
  • Consonant Sounds
  • Vowel Identification
  • Short/Long Vowel Sounds
  • Short Vowel Spelling Patterns
  • Consonant Digraphs and Blends
  • Long Vowel + Silent Vowel
  • Silent e
  • Irregular Spelling Patterns

Tip:  Select the teacher's voice CD when the greater clarity of a single voice is needed. Select the children's voice CD to provide a multi-voiced peer model for your students. For an additional $9.95, you can have both the teacher voice CD and the children's voices CD included with your combo, supplying more variety for your students by alternating CDs (see "Select CD Voice" below).

For additional information, please see our Volume 1 Product Description and Online Samples.

Sing Your Way Through Phonics Volume 1 Combo

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