• Little Partners (ISBN 0-9720763-2-8)
Some lower-case letters like c, s, and z are easy to recognize since they look like their capital letter partners - C, S, and Z. But lower-case letters like b, d, and e are harder to learn because they look very different from capital B, D, and E. The Read-and-Sing Book, Little Partners, helps children learn to recognize the lower-case letters that differ in shape from their capital letter counterparts. Linked to circus theme, a snappy sing-along CD describes each letter in terms of its component parts-sticks, holes, poles, curls, humps, and curly poles. Take a look inside the book and listen to the song. Save on this book and others with one of our Book Collections or Literacy Center Collections.

Little Partners (ISBN 0-9720763-2-8)

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